Restaurant Cleanup

Restaurants are finally reopening and customers are expecting a cleaner than usual facility. The dedicated and experienced staff at County Cleaners Corp. makes sure your kitchen and dining area are clean, fresh, and ready for the next day. We use EPA approved disinfectants and sanitizers to eliminate bacteria and viruses, so you can confidently welcome your customers every single day.

  • Clean door handles, railings, seats, tables, windows, glass doors, clean bathrooms, sweep the whole area, and dust all the fixtures.
  • Clean bar including behind movable equipment, flush keg lines, dust and wipe down bottles and shelves behind the bar and any decorative fixtures.
  • Clean the back of the house including wipe down and sanitize surfaces. Clean equipment and tools. Remove floor mats for cleaning.

✅ Once a week cleanup

✅ Three times a week cleanup

✅ Five times a week cleanup

✅ Daily cleanup