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Keeping facilities safe requires an inordinate approach to cleaning and disinfection. We at County Cleaners are here to provide you with just that.

COVID-19 Response

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Project Disinfection

Guarantee workplace and residential safety with County Cleaners Corporation’s project disinfection services. Our thorough disinfecting practice is designed to ensure your home or workplace is thoroughly sanitized and sterile regularly. Disinfecting your space is a critical element of our cleaning service. We believe that the finishing touch of any good cleaning job is thorough disinfection of the area. You will too, once you experience our level of clean for yourself.

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Professional Disinfecting Services

With the recent pandemic, the focus on the invisible world of harmful particles and their implications has never been more at the forefront of our attention. As a professional cleaning company that guarantees the best clean possible, we have had to keep a close eye on the best way to manage the proper disinfection of large indoor spaces, including commercial facilities and various residences.

Covid-19 Disinfecting Services

We have always emphasized the importance of a disinfected space. However, the arrival of the pandemic forced us to keep a closer eye on the innovations in the disinfecting field than we already had. We’ve invested in the most effective equipment and products that not only meet new industry standards but also exceed them.

Hire our team for expertise in the latest disinfecting science and to ensure your space is completely sterile and safe after every cleaning.

The Benefits of a Professional Disinfection Service

Essentially, when your space is disinfected, it ensures the long-term safety of those who work or live in the targeted environment. In addition, when people are protected from foreign particles, bacteria, and viruses, they are healthier and have greater peace of mind.

As the area’s leading cleaning and disinfection company, we will ensure the project you assign us is safe for use following our services.

Discuss Your Expectations with Our Cleaners

From the outset, your cleaning plan will be personalized to your space. The first part of our business relationship is always a detailed meeting where the specifications of your facility are discussed.

The initial meeting is in place so that we are prepared to handle your unique needs. We will ask all the right questions and create a strategy to best execute our work to satisfy your expectations.

Some questions we may ask during the meeting include:

  • How many people live or work in your space?
  • Are we carrying out office or home disinfecting services?
  • Is anyone there immunocompromised?
  • How often are our services required for your needs?
  • What are your primary concerns?

Feel free to ask us any questions during this consultation, too. After all, your individual needs as a client are our priority.

Contact Our Team Today for a Clean, Disinfected Environment

Providing a healthy and safe environment for our clients is our passion. We will come to your space ready to use our disinfectant spray and our disinfectant wipes to their fullest and provide you the safest, cleanest work environment available in the local area.

Contact (516) 272-2116 today if you need professional project disinfection services.

Our Approach

It has never been safer to return to your workspace while working with us!


  • Develop a customized consultation package specific to each customer.
  • Take care of any compliance protocols reinforced by the government.
  • Environmental Regulations.
  • Discuss the various ways to limit the spread of airborne infectious viruses.

Disinfection Program

Disinfection Program
  • Daily or hourly suggested frequency.
  • Disinfection and cleaning of all surface areas.
  • Proper PPE and EPA approved cleaning products used.
  • Emergency disinfection upon request.
  • Special disinfection procedures if your business reports any positive COVID cases.

Continuous Monitoring

  • Keeping NYS disinfection compliance log.
  • Obedient with PPE/Social Distancing protocols.
  • Certified cleaning professionals.
  • EPA approved cleaning solution (see more below).
  • Hand-sanitizing station upon request.

Download our NYS sample compliance log




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Project Disinfection Background

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