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Theater Cleaning

Maintenance - Disinfection - Cleaning beyond and above

Movie theater cleaning is a formidable challenge for most cleaning companies, but we at County Cleaners are capable of providing you with the best service. Outsourcing your theatre’s disinfection needs to County Cleaners will ensure a safer, healthier and an approachable ambience and entertainment space. County Cleaners is the best commercial cleaning service that understands your unique cleanliness needs, which is why we work tirelessly for your business to achieve its objectives.

  • Clean and inviting lobby free of debris
  • Deep cleaned game areas free of dust and grim build-up
  • Bathrooms clean, chrome fittings and fixtures polished to a shine, and the air free of bad odors
  • Clean and disinfected theatre rooms free of sticky floors, food and drink spills, and more

Once a week cleanup

Three times a week cleanup

Five times a week cleanup

Daily cleanup

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