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Museum Cleaning

Maintenance - Disinfection - Cleaning beyond and above

Keeping museums clean and disinfected is absolutely essential, not only in terms of enhancing your visitor’s experiences and their safekeeping but also to reduce the potential damage to works of art and displayed pieces. We at County Cleaners are professional commercial cleaners who understand your requirements for a squeaky-clean museum. We are also trained to handle your valuable artworks and artifacts. Here at County Cleaners we use EPA approved disinfectants and Green products to avoid leaving residual damage on your displayed items.

  • Clean and inviting lobby free of debris
  • Gently and carefully clean sacred art work and art pieces
  • Disinfect exhibit halls and entryways
  • Sterile meeting rooms, cafeterias, restrooms, and more

Once a week cleanup

Three times a week cleanup

Five times a week cleanup

Daily cleanup

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