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If you’re looking for a cleaning company in the Long Island area, we invite you to contact the esteemed professionals at County Cleaners Corporation. Offering the most comprehensive cleaning services in the region, we’re here to vacuum offices, wash windows, wax floors, and everything in between. When it comes to commercial cleaning services, we do it all.

Our cleaners do more than scrub and disinfect to perfection, though. Look to us when you want a customer experience like no other. We address and anticipate the needs of our clients, ensuring you get the service you deserve.

Schedule a cleaning consultation by calling us at (516) 272-2116. We can’t wait to add you to our long roster of satisfied clients.

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Personalized Janitorial Services for Your Business

Whether you're responsible for keeping an office, retail store, restaurant, or condominium building clean, we're the professionals you can count on to provide the best janitorial services personalized to your business.

Gone are the days of the one-size-fits-all cleaning contract. We're here to ensure you receive the most value for your budget with customizable custodial services that keep your organization in compliance with strict health and safety regulations. Our flexible services can be scheduled after hours or whenever is most convenient for your business schedule.

Choose from a wide variety of professional sanitization and disinfection procedures that are guaranteed to be effective because of the quality products we use and the proven cleaning methods our hand-selected professionals employ.

Don't sacrifice quality when you can access our superior cleaning solutions at some of the region's most competitive rates. Phone us to get started by scheduling a risk-free consultation.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Leave your commercial carpet cleaning duties to a group of qualified experts with a wealth of local experience. When you enlist our carpet cleaners, you can expect dirt, stains, and carpet odors to disappear.

To guarantee exceptional results, we use advanced carpet sanitizing equipment and professional cleaning solutions that eradicate stains and odors to restore your building's carpeting to like-new condition.

Even high-traffic areas are no match for our carpet care experts. Phone our team to learn more about what makes us the best choice for commercial carpet care.

Hard Floor Care

Our daily, spot, and deep hard floor cleaning solutions are perfect for growing businesses in every industry. Our customizable services ensure you're getting the top-quality sanitization and disinfection services your business requires at a frequency that makes the most sense for your facility's requirements.

Some of our most popular hard floor care options include:

  • Floor sweeping and mopping
  • Hard floor spot cleaning
  • Stripping and waxing
  • Buffing and polishing

Sit down with us to discuss cost-effective floor care options that keep your facility looking welcoming and well-maintained to all who enter. Call our team today to schedule an appointment.

Furniture Cleaning

From reception furniture to office chairs that your in-house staff use daily, your business has many pieces of upholstery. Sometimes these furniture items can be overlooked during your daily cleaning routines.

Rather than opting for expensive replacements, we suggest maintaining a regular upholstery cleaning routine to keep office furniture fresh and inviting for longer.

That's where our furniture cleaning service shines. Ask us how we'll thoroughly clean your furniture and remove dirt, stains, allergens, and odors. Reach out to our experts to set up an obligation-free consultation.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Keeping commercial windows clean shows your workforce that you care about their health and well-being and lets your customers know they're doing business with an industry expert that cares about making a good first impression.

When you need a safe and reliable window cleaner, you need us. We're committed to delivering top-tier window care and glass cleaning solutions that complement your budget. Set up a consultation appointment to find out more about what makes us the right fit for any interior or exterior window washing job.

Only the Best in Professional Cleaning

Everyone wants to have a clean facility. They want dust-free carpets, spotless windows, and breakrooms that show no signs of messy eaters or spilled coffees. As much as you might want an immaculate commercial space, you probably don’t want to pay more than necessary to maintain it. This is one of the many reasons why so many people come to us.

We offer a full suite of commercial cleaning services—and we offer them for competitive, up-front rates. In the interest of complete transparency, our dedicated cleaners let you know all about our rates at the very outset, ensuring you know exactly what you’ll be paying during the invoicing period. Believe us when we say that we take the tenets of professionalism seriously, and that includes total price transparency.

A Clean Company Dedicated to Your Satisfaction

A clean space is a happy space! At County Cleaners Corporation, we offer professional cleaning services for Long Island residents that will have your home or office sparkling in no time. We understand that everyone’s needs are different, so we offer customizable cleaning packages that can be tailored to fit your specific requirements.

Contact us today at (516) 272-2116 to schedule a free consultation.

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Professional Cleaning Services That Suit You

With our talented staff and superior organizational skills, we’re proud to be able to offer a wide range of cleaning services to suit your individual needs. Whether you’re looking for a one-time deep cleaning or regular cleaning service, we’ve got you covered. Our cleaners have a wide range of experience with many techniques, so you can rest assured that your space will be left spotless.

Our services include:

  • One-time deep cleaning
  • Daily cleanup
  • Residential cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Retail cleaning
  • Sanitation cleaning
  • …and more!

Need something else? Just ask! We’re always happy to customize our services to fit your unique needs.

Stay Productive with a Clean Long Island Office

Every business owner knows that a dirty, messy office quickly becomes unproductive. However, you don’t want to waste your or your employees’ time on the cleaning when your business has other demands. Let County Cleaners Corporation take care of the cleaning while you take care of business. Our office cleaning services will leave your workspace sparkling clean, so you can focus on what’s important. Our team will:

  • Dust and polish all surfaces
  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Take out the trash
  • Sanitize all surfaces
  • …and more!

We understand that every business is different, so we offer customizable cleaning packages to fit your specific requirements and budget.

Maintain Health and Safety with Regular Cleaning

There is more to commercial cleaning services than dusting countertops and scrubbing away unsightly stains. Anyone who wants a clean facility knows that cleanliness isn’t skin-deep. You need to work with a cleaning company that takes a more in-depth approach to sanitization and safety. Times like these are when it pays to work with professionals like us. We take an in-depth approach to the business of cleaning, disinfecting every surface in sight and ensuring that you have the healthiest, germ-free facility possible.

In these uncertain times, maintaining a clean and healthy environment is more important than ever. County Cleaners Corporation offers regular cleaning services to help keep your space neat and safe for everyone. We use high-quality cleaning products and the latest technologies to ensure a thoroughly spotless space. Our cleaners will make sure that your building is free from bacteria, allergens, and other pollutants.

Speak to a Cleaning Professional Before You Schedule Your Service

When you call County Cleaners Corporation, you’ll speak to a cleaning professional who can answer all your questions and help you find the perfect combination of services for your building and routine. We understand that everyone’s needs are different, so we offer a free consultation to help you choose the best option for your space.

During your consultation, we’ll review your cleaning needs and budget to find a balance of rigorous cleaning and affordability that works for you. We’ll also take the time to get to know you and your space, so we can ensure not a single inch is missed.

Keep Your Space Sparkling Clean with County Cleaners Corporation

When you hire County Cleaners Corporation, you’re hiring a team of experienced and reliable cleaners who’ll leave your space sparkling clean. Once we’re done, you’ll be able to enjoy your free time without worrying about dust, spills, or germs disrupting your contentment.

Commercial cleaning services can help your business keep its premises clean and free of harmful bacteria and contaminants. By using experienced, qualified cleaners, you can ensure that your customers and employees are safe and healthy. In addition to keeping your space clean and fresh, commercial cleaning services can also improve the overall appearance of your building. Working with a reputable company will provide you with quality results at a fair price, making it an affordable investment for your business.

Do you want to reap the many promised benefits that come from working with a cleaning company? If so, turn to our reliable team. We’re a cleaning company that meets—and even exceeds—expectations. You’ll have cleaner workplaces and happier clientele when you work with us.

Enjoy Personalized Cleaning Routines

Cleaning routines aren't one-size-fits-all. Methods vary with the individual and their preferences, as well as the unique needs of their space. With that in mind, we take a customized approach to offering our premium cleaning services.

Before we move forward with a cleaning schedule, we'll meet with you during a consultation to discuss your needs. If you have special requests regarding cleaning solutions, we'll be happy to discuss how we can fulfill them. What's more, our customized cleaning service wouldn't be complete without the option for customized pricing. When you partner with us, you can choose the cleaning package that best suits your needs and budget, giving you a fully customized experience.

Deep Cleaning Services

Sometimes surface cleaning doesn't do the trick. When you need deep cleaning service to into every crack and crevice, you can count on County Cleaners Corporation to leave no stone unturned. We provide heavy-duty cleaning services that go deeper than standard cleaning, helping your space look brand new and fully restored. We take top-to-bottom cleaning seriously and arrive at every job prepared with the necessary equipment and solutions to accomplish a job well done.

If you're tired of lingering smells and stains and sneezing from dust bunnies, we suggest calling in our team to rid your home of any entrenched dust, dirt, and grime.

Efficient Cleaning Services

If you have no time to waste and want a janitorial service that matches your schedule, you can't go wrong with our cleaning crew. From the moment we arrive on your premises until the moment we leave, timing is our priority. We always come at the appointed time, prepared with the necessary cleaning tools to complete the job quickly. We only use commercial-grade solutions and equipment to help us get the job done faster. We not only respect your business, but we also respect your time which is why we go above and beyond to satisfy your expectations.

Professional Sanitization Services

Keeping your commercial or residential space bacteria and germ-free goes beyond standard cleaning. It necessitates regular sanitization services to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. The team at County Cleaners Corporation uses professional techniques and premium disinfection products to render every surface and hidden area perfectly safe. If you partner with us for sanitization cleaning, you can rest assured that your space will be free from radical bacteria growth.

Free Estimates on Professional Cleaning Services

If you're on a budget and need cleaning services, there's no better choice than County Cleaners Corporation. As a part of our commitment to customer service, we aim to help our clients make informed choices by providing no-obligation estimates on all our cleaning services. If you're interested in finding out how much our services cost, we'll walk you through our various pricing packages and find one that suits your needs and budget. We want you to be completely informed of what you're paying for and be aware of every detail included in your package.

Don't hesitate to get in touch with our team. We'll gladly schedule you in for a one-on-one cleaning consultation and answer all your questions.

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Over the years, we’ve established ourselves as the leading cleaning company in the area. We’ve earned the approval of so many clients by offering a full suite of services that never disappoint.

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